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The list below has links all the ComancheZOOM session recordings in reverse chronological order.
Each is listed by date and topic. You can search the list for a key word using Ctrl-F.

Completed ComancheZOOM recordings list
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Date Completed ComancheZOOM Topic Recordings WebLinks
  - - - 2023 recordings- - -  
23-Mar Building a Member Survey - live on Zoom 03-23-23_Link
16-Mar ComancheTown at LAL Sun 'n Fun 03-16-23_Link
9-Mar ** Winter Flying Tips #3 - Ground opps - George Richmond 03-09-23_Link
2-Mar Laser Height System install - Nidal Robb 03-02-23_Link
(PDF) Comanche Modern Autopilot Overview - Mar 2023  CJ Stumpf PDF Link
23-Feb Flying for a reason - CAP -  Robert Bowden 02-23-23_Link
16-Feb From Project Plane to AirVenture Lindy - part 2 - François Marquis 02-16-23_Link
9-Feb From Project Plane to AirVenture Lindy - part 1 - François Marquis 02-02-23_Link
2-Feb Saving Airports - Part 2    AOPA, Parlin Field 02-02-23_Link
1-Feb Wednesday - Laser Altimeter update and Group Buy 02-01-23_Link
26-Jan Saving Airports - part 1   Vista Field 01-26-23_Link
19-Jan FAA 337 form for Modifications - Rich Rozanski 01-19-23_Link
18-Jan Wed Special: Gifts From the Feds / WINGS and ASRS - Philip Mandel 01-18-23_Link
12-Jan Owner Produced Parts - part 2 - Rich Rozanski 01-12-23_Link
05-Jan ** Human Factors (AMT) - Robert Lenert, BDL FSDO 01-05-23_Link
  - - - 2022 recordings- - -  
29-Dec Honoring Sung and Unsung Heroes 12-29-22_Link
22-Dec Pre-Christmas Holliday Gathering - open mic 12-22-22_Link
15-Dec ** Control Surface Repair and Return to Airworthiness - Mike Esser 12-15-22_Link
8-Dec Electronic Logbooks - Eric Breman (MyFlightBook) 12-08-22_Link
1-Dec Winter Flying - part 2 - Ron Kiel, George Richmond 12-01-22_Link
17-Nov First, Fly the Plane - Part 2 - Bill Jackson 11-17-22_Link
10-Nov First, Fly the Plane - Bill Jackson 11-10-22_Link
3-Nov Winter Go/No-go Decisions 11-03-22_Link
27-Oct Rescue of a PA24-250 from Block Island RI - Tom Marino 10-27-22_Link
20-Oct N9456P Accident : Lessons to be Learned - Part 2 10-20-22_Link
13-Oct N9456P Accident - Lessons Learned - Part 1 10-13-22_Link
6-Oct ** Laser Altimeter Upgrade with Gear Warning" 10-06-22_Link
29-Sept GAMI Unleaded Fuel STC - John-Paul Townsend 09-29-22_Link
22-Sept Short Subjects and Open Mic - Pete Morse + CJ Stumpf 09-22-22_Link
15-Sept ForeFlight Features Update - Jason Staloff 09-15-22_Link
8-Sept Aircraft Ownership Strategies - Eric Sachs 09-08-22_Link
1-Sept Loss of GPS Signal - panel discussion 09-01-22_Link
25-Aug ** GAMI Fuel  Injectors and Osborne Tip Tanks - Jean-Paul Townsend 08-25-22_Link
18-Aug ** Engine rebuild after camshaft failure -JD Kuti and Dan Canon 08-18-22_Link
11-Aug Inspecting Your Oil Filter and Engine Fogging - JD Kuti 08-11-22_Link
4-Aug Comanche Workbook - training new Comanche pilots - Part 2 08-04-22_Link
28-July Live (?) from AirVenture ComancheTown 07-28-22_Link
21-July Open Mic: AirVenture/ComancheTown items and Long Distance Planning 07-21-22_Link
14-July ** AirVenture - ComancheTown arrival procedures - Randy Hytry 07-14-22_Link
7-July Comanche Workbook - training new Comanche pilots - Part 1 07-07-22_Link
30-Jun Windy.Com - Option for weather forecasting - Pete Morse 06-30-22_Link
23-Jun Pre-planning arrival for OSH ComancheTown 06-23-22_Link
16-Jun RIP Phillip Tyner and Open Mic 06-16-22_Link
9-Jun ForeFlight - New Tools and Maps - Jason Staloff 06-09-22_Link
2-Jun CO monitor use + Review of Transitioning Zoom 06-02-22_Link
26-May Transitioning to High-Performance Aircraft  - George Richmond 05-26-22_Link
19-May ** ForeFlight tools and use - Ron Keil 05-19-22_Link
12-May Open Mic - Project Update 05-12-22_Link
5-May Tool Loan program + Other Resources 05-05-22_Link
28-Apr Open Mic Night - catch up on projects, member input 04-28-22_Link
21-Apr 2022 ComancheTown review - Part II 04-21-22_Link
14-Apr 2022 ComancheTown in review 04-14-22_Link
31-Mar Carbon Monoxide Detector - Dr. Koz 03-31-22_Link
24-Mar Flying to Sun n' Fun - ComancheTown - Tucker Rice 03-24-22_Link
17-Mar **  IFR Communication - Start to Finish - Malcolm Dickinson 03-17-22_Link
10-Mar ** Engine #4: A Day In The Shop with JD Kuti 03-10-22_Link
3-Mar WeatherSpork and Skew-T IFR weather tools 03-03-22_Link
24-Feb ** Engine IRAN vs Overhaul - JD Kuti 02-24-22_Link
17 Feb ** Surviving an engine-out in IMC - George Gratton and Lou Bragg 02-17-22_Link
10 Feb ** Is it time for an engine overhaul? - JD Kuti 02-10-22_Link
3 Feb ** Camshaft Failure in Flight - Dan Canon & JD Kuti - 02-03-22_Link
27 Jan ** After-maintenance test flight - George Richmond 01-27-22_Link
20 Jan Using Cameras in the Cockpit - Mike Ellis 01-20-22_Link
13 Jan ** Using check lists - Dennis Boykin 01-13-22_Link
6 Jan ** IFR Flight Briefing - George Merriam 01-06-22_Link
  - - - 2021 recordings- - -  
30-Dec 2021 ComancheZOOM Year in Review 12-30-21_Link
16-Dec ProPilot STC Development and Installation 12-16-21_Link
9-Dec Comanche rigging and ProPilot announcement 12-09-21_Link
2-Dec Open discussion - Hans Neubert RIP 12-02-21_Link
18-Nov Open discussion night - member submitted questions/topics 11-18-21_Link
11-Nov ** Post Maintenance Operational Checks - Paul Licata 11-11-21_Link
4-Nov Advances in Avionics for the Comanche - Doug Tellef 11-4-21_Link
28-Oct Avionics Installs - Upgrade Safe Practices 10-21-21_Link
21-Oct Avionics Installs - Safety in Upgrades 10-21-21_Link
14-Oct Open Mic - "Getting to Know You" Comanche love stories 10-14-21_Link
7-Oct Open Mic Social Zoom - no set topic 10-7-21_Link
30-Sept Summary Report of 2021 AGM at Delaware Coastal (GED) 09-30-21_Link
23-Sept Comanche Hard to Find Parts pt 5 - Funding our growing organization 09-23-21_Link
16-Sept Comanche Hard to Find Parts pt 4 - Baffles and Strut Housings 09-16-21_Link
9-Sept Comanche Hard to Find Parts pt 3 - CJ Stumpf and Pete Morse 09-09-21_Link
2-Sept Comanche Parts priority pt 2 plus Laser Altimeter install 09-02-21_Link
26-Aug Comanche Resource survey pt 1 - Open Mic - CJ Stumpf and Pete Morse 08-26-21_Link
19-Aug The FAA Medical Issuance that "could not be done" - Rich Bergman 08-19-21_Link
12-Aug Robot Tugs and Laser Altimeter Install Q&A 08-12-21_Link
5-Aug Open Mic + AirVenture '21 ComancheTown in Review 08-05-21_Link
29-July Angle of Attack (AoA) Indicators: - What, How, Why - Wolcott, Cheak 07-29-21_Link
22-July Approaches with ForeFlight plus Laser Altimeter for Comanches 07-22-21_Link
15-July ** Flying into AirVenture, Vintage Parking and Camping  - Randy Hytry 07-15-21_Link
8-July Air Conditioning for Comanches: Part II 07-08-21_Link
1-July Garmin GFC500 Autopilot Install, from soup to nuts 07-01-21_Link
24-June Air-Conditioners for Comanches 06-24-21_Link
17-June Fuel Flow Systems for Comanches - Alan Jesmer of Precision Airmotive 06-17-21_Link
10-June 2021 AGM and various Project Updates 06-10-21_Link
3-June Virtual Inspection (Will Carpenter) + Piper Museum Tour (John Bryerson) 06-03-21_Link
27-May Flying with the ProPilot for Comanches - Greg Piehl 05-27-21_Link
20-May Comanche Speed Mods - Hans Neubert 05-20-21_Link
13-May General Discussion - Pete Morse, CJ Stumpf 05-13-21_Link
6-May Winning Gold Flying a Round-the-World Race - Patricia Keefer 05-06-21_Link
29-Apr ComancheTown update continued - group buys, ICS type club problems 04-29-21_Link
22-Apr ComancheTown redux - pictures, reports, potential group buys 04-22-21_Link
8-Apr The Ins and Outs of Aircraft Appraisal - Tracy Ligon 04-09-21_Link
1-Apr Northeast Comanche - Hot Irons in the Fire - NE Team 04-01-21_Link
25-Mar Surviving Catastrophic Engine Failure, part 4: the Insurance - Will Carpenter 03-35-21_Link
18-Mar Painting Your Comanche - Luke Strawbridge 03-18-21_Link
11-Mar Surviving Catastrophic Engine Failure, part 3: the Repairs - Will Carpenter 03-11-21_Link
4-Mar Running A Tank Dry: Fuel Management Tool - Ray Burton 03-04-21_Link
25-Feb Surviving Catastrophic Engine Failure, part 2: Recovery - Will Carpenter 02-25-21 Link
18-Feb Surviving Catastrophic Engine Failure, part 1: Landing - Will Carpenter 02-18-21 Link
11-Feb Group Discussion: Pilot Voice of the Customer - part 1 02-11-21 Link
4-Feb Group discussion of Comanche Group Buys 02-04-21 Link
28-Jan Propellers: Design, Performance, Care part 2 - Darrell Pool 01-28-21 Link
21-Jan Propellers: Design, Performance, Care part 1 - Darrell Pool 01-21-21 Link
14-Jan Icing, Winter Flying, and Survival - part 2 - Winter, Keil, Richardson, Merrill 01-14-21 Link
7-Jan Trio ProPilot project for Comanche - STC Group 01-07-21 Link
  - - - 2020 recordings- - -  
31-Dec New Year's Eve Open Mic - "Resolutions" - Pete Morse  
24-Dec Christmas Eve Open Mic - Pete Morse 12-24-20 Link
17-Dec Icing, Winter Flying, and Survival - part 1 - Winter, Keil, Grant 12-17-20_Link
10-Dec Genesys Aerosystem STEC 3100 STC approval - Doug Tellef, Mike Demeter 12-10-20 Link
26-Nov Thanksgiving Day open mic 11-26-20 Link
19-Nov Flying for a Reason III: Flying Samaritans - Victor Jones 11-19-20 Link
12-Nov Flying for a Reason II -Round the World Flight - Chris Eagan and Dave McElroy 11-12-20 Link
5-Nov ** ADS-B Fundamentals and Maintenance - Robert Lenert 11-5-20 Link
29-Oct 1000 Hour Landing Gear AD Inspection - Hans Neubert 10-29-20 Link
22-Oct Flying for a Reason - various presenters 10-22-20 Link
15-Oct Comanche Autopilot status update 10-15-20 Link
8-Oct IFly GPS Electronic Flight Bag - Rob Colvin and Walter Boyd 10-8-20 Link
1-Oct ** ATC's Pet Peeves - Hunter Neucere, Mark Fellner, Texas ATC 10-1-20 Link
24-Sept ** FAA: Certification in a Covid world + WINGS Intro - FAA BDL FAST Team 9-24-20 Link
17-Sept Flying with ForeFlight - Ron Keil 9-17-20 Link
10-Sept ** Getting Your Best Glide - Gregg Squires, DPE 9-10-20 Link
3-Sept ** Gear Emergencies - What To Do - Henry Spellman + 9-3-20 link
27-Aug ** Emergency Procedures and How To Handle Them  - George Merriam, CFII 8-27-20 Link
20-Aug Part 2 -10 Top Tips for New Comanche Owners + Group Buy Announcements 8-20-20 Link
13-Aug SureFly Electronic Ignition Module - Jason Hutchinson 8-13-20 Link
6-Aug 10 Top Tips for New Comanche Owners 8-6-20 Link
30-Jul ElectroAir Electronic Ignition for Comanches 7-30-20 Link
23-Jul ** Long Distance Flying Tips - Ron Keil 7-23-20 Link
21-Jul MiniZoom - How To Plan A Fly-In - Pete Morse 7-21-20 Link
16-Jul LHV, birthplace of the Piper Comanche - Piper Museum Pres. John Bryerton 7-16-20 Link
9-Jul Trio Autopilot/STC Group - Mark Sullivan 7-9-20 Link
2-Jul S-TEC 3100 STC Status and Capability - Mike Demeter, Doug Tellef 7-2-20 Link
28-Jun Comanche Documentation On-Line Project details - Matthew Smith 6-28-20 Link
25-Jun Garmin GFC 500 STC and Capabilities -  Wayne McGhee 6-25-20 Link
18-Jun ** New Life For Old Autopilots - Rob Lenert 6-18-20 Link
14-Jun MiniZoom - Memorable Flight Stories - various pilots 6-14-20 Link
11-Jun Aircraft Insurance: Translating the Jargon - Dwight Coombe 6-11-20 Link
4-Jun Getting the Most From Your Engine  - Steve Ells 6-4-20 Link
31-May MiniZoom - NE website tour, Hudson Corridor, 10 Closest Comanches - Pete Morse 5-31-20 Link
28-May Falling Off Your Log - Kristin Winter 5-28-20 Link
21-May Autopilots for Comanches: new, upgraded, installed - panel 5-21-20 Link
14-May The One That Got Away - Hans Neubert 5-14-20 Link
7-May Owner Produced Parts - Zach Grant 5-7-20 Link
30-Apr AME #1: discussion of Medical Issues - Tom Wasser 4-30-20 Link
**  WINGS credit given

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