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2021 ComancheZOOM schedule

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The Northeast Comanche Tribe, in cooperation with Comanche Town, Delphi's Airworthy Comanche Forum and
Facebook's Comanche group, is hosting weekly Zoom workshops on various topics related to the Comanche aircraft. They are currently scheduled for Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM Eastern time, with an approximately 1-hour presentation beginning at about 7:30. There will be time following the presentation for questions and comments, along with time to just socialize. All Zoom sessions will be recorded for later viewing. Future topics, listed below, may be shuffled pending presenter availability.

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Each week a link to the current Zoom Workshop will be sent to the Tribe's email list, and also posted on Facebook and the Delphi Forum. If you have questions or ideas for other workshop topics please contact one of the Tribe officers.

Listing of Future ComancheZOOM Topics

Date ComancheZOOM Topics - partial list   (subject to change)
tba Comanche Hard-to-find Parts - Engineering Discussion
tba Autopilot Install and Integration
tba AME #2: Tips and Tricks for Older Pilots - two AME's
tba ** Why Students Fail Check Rides - Greg Squires
tba ATC Saves and the Aftermath
tba Group Discussion: Pilot Voice of the Customer - part 2
tba Part 43: Maintenance By You. What and How To Log It
tba ** AME #3: Discussion of Medical Issues - Tom Wasser, AME
tba Annuals - Zach Grant, Steve Ells, Kristin Winter
tba Pre-Buy Inspections - Cliff Wilewski, Mitch Haubert, Zach Grant
tba ** Analysis of Accidents - David Kenney, Rob Lenert, John Bryerson
tba Prop Balancing - Mitch Haubert, CJ Stumpf
tba Comanche Ops and Maintenance - Zach Grant
tba ProPilot teamwork - unsung Comanche heroes
tba Seat Belts and Shoulder Harnesses - history, why and how
Completed ComancheZOOM recordings list (click on the link to view/hear)
Date Completed 2021 ComancheZOOM Topic Recordings webLinks
16-Sept Comanche Hard to Find Parts - pt 4 - Baffles and Strut Housings 09-16-21_Link
9-Sept Comanche Hard to Find Parts - pt 3 - CJ Stumpf and Pete Morse 09-09-21_Link
2-Sept Comanche Parts priority - pt 2 plus Laser Altimeter install 09-02-21_Link
26-Aug Comanche Resource survey - pt 1 - Open Mic - CJ Stumpf and Pete Morse 08-26-21_Link
19-Aug The FAA Medical Issuance that "could not be done" - Rich Bergman 08-19-21_Link
12-Aug Robot Tugs and Laser Altimeter Install Q&A 08-12-21_Link
5-Aug Open Mic + AirVenture '21 ComancheTown in Review 08-05-21_Link
29-July Angle of Attack (AoA) Indicators: - What, How, Why - Wolcott, Cheak 07-29-21_Link
22-July Approaches with ForeFlight plus Laser Altimeter for Comanches 07-22-21_Link
15-July ** Flying into AirVenture, Vintage Parking and Camping  - Randy Hytry 07-15-21_Link
8-July Air Conditioning for Comanches: Part II 07-08-21_Link
1-July Garmin GFC500 Autopilot Install, from soup to nuts 07-01-21_Link
24-June Air-Conditioners for Comanches 06-24-21_Link
17-June Fuel Flow Systems for Comanches - Alan Jesmer of Precision Airmotive 06-17-21_Link
10-June 2021 AGM and various Project Updates 06-10-21_Link
3-June Virtual Inspection (Will Carpenter) + Piper Museum Tour (John Bryerson) 06-03-21_Link
27-May Flying with the ProPilot for Comanches - Greg Piehl 05-27-21_Link
20-May Comanche Speed Mods - Hans Neubert 05-20-21_Link
13-May General Discussion - Pete Morse, CJ Stumpf 05-13-21_Link
6-May Winning Gold Flying a Round-the-World Race - Patricia Keefer 05-06-21_Link
29-Apr ComancheTown update continued - group buys, ICS type club problems 04-29-21_Link
22-Apr ComancheTown redux - pictures, reports, potential group buys 04-22-21_Link
8-Apr The Ins and Outs of Aircraft Appraisal - Tracy Ligon 04-09-21_Link
1-Apr Northeast Comanche - Hot Irons in the Fire - NE Team 04-01-21_Link
25-Mar Surviving Catastrophic Engine Failure, part 4: the Insurance - Will Carpenter 03-35-21_Link
18-Mar Painting Your Comanche - Luke Strawbridge 03-18-21_Link
11-Mar Surviving Catastrophic Engine Failure, part 3: the Repairs - Will Carpenter 03-11-21_Link
4-Mar Running A Tank Dry: Fuel Management Tool - Ray Burton 03-04-21_Link
25-Feb Surviving Catastrophic Engine Failure, part 2: Recovery - Will Carpenter 02-25-21 Link
18-Feb Surviving Catastrophic Engine Failure, part 1: Landing - Will Carpenter 02-18-21 Link
11-Feb Group Discussion: Pilot Voice of the Customer - part 1 02-11-21 Link
4-Feb Group discussion of Comanche Group Buys 02-04-21 Link
28-Jan Propellers: Design, Performance, Care part 2 - Darrell Pool 01-28-21 Link
21-Jan Propellers: Design, Performance, Care part 1 - Darrell Pool 01-21-21 Link
14-Jan Icing, Winter Flying, and Survival - part 2 - Winter, Keil, Richardson, Merrill 01-14-21 Link
7-Jan Trio ProPilot project for Comanche - STC Group 01-07-21 Link

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