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Fly-In schedule

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   All one-day fly-ins were scheduled for Saturdays, with Sunday as a rain date. Arrivals typically are mid-morning, with lunch at a restaurant on or near the airport. Time was allowed for conversation and inspection of attending Comanches before a mid-afternoon departure. Occasionally weekend fly-ins were also planned, generally running from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. An email invitation was sent to the Northeast membership for each fly-in with specific details. The Apt Id (below) is a link to the relevant airport information page on the AOPA website. Non-NE events were grouped below.


    2024 NE Tribe Fly-in Schedule   update June '24
Date Apt Id Name Location Restaurant Program
Jan-Mar  -  -  -  none planned -  -  -  -  -  -  -
April 27 (28) GED Delaware Coastal Georgetown, DE Arena's at the Airport luncheon/ Tribe updates
May 18 (19) N89 Resnick Airport Ellenville, NY at event/Italian nearby Wings and Wheels for Warriors
July 13 MGJ Orange County Airport Montgomery, NY food at event Airport open house
June-Dec  - -  - none planned -  -  -  -  -  
  2024 non-NE Fly-Ins      
Apr 9 - 14 LAL Sun N Fun 2020 Lakeland, FL (register) LAL Comanche Town
July 22-28 OSH Oshkosh AirVenture Oshkosh, WI (register) OSH Comanche Town
Oct 4-6 LAL Lake of the Ozarks (details TBA) PA400 Reunion

hosted by Quiet Corner Bands


 Last updated  07/05/24