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Tribe Chief : CJ Stumpf Treasurer : Malcolm Dickinson
Assistant Chief : Ron Ward Scribe : Peter Morse
Volunteer options: The Northeast Comanche Tribe needs your help in the following areas. If you can step up please indicate "Yes" in the box(es) below.
 I can help
Replacement Parts effort: Significant effort of time and money has been expended
    in addressing the replacement of PARTS problem, much more is needed. The
    Replacement Parts situation could initially use a Volunteer for 2 to 4 hours a month.
 I can help
Comanche Neighborhoods: An effort is in development to focus on getting Comanche
    Pilots at every Home Base to become better acquainted, to being able to support one
    and other and have better communications. The particular area where volunteers are
    needed are Maintaining the Member Master File, two people for 2 to 4 hours per
 I can help
Comanche Items Sourcing: There is a need for developing a Comanche Vendor File
    for the various Comanche equipment upgrades and mods, initially 1 or 2 people for
    2 to 4 hours a month.
 I can help
Training and Repair: There is a need for developing comprehensive list of Comanche
   experienced CFI/IIís and A&Pís, initially 1 person for 2 to 4 hours a month.
 I can help
Fund Raising: There is a need to develop a procedure for the processing of Donations
    which will respond to the Donation and to be able to provide Donators with a record
    of their contribution for Tax purposes. This activity could be one Volunteer for 3
    hours a month for most months.
Please consider and respond to the above Volunteer Options before sending your vote. Your input is vital.
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