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Officer's Roles

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Below are the duties for each office of the Northeast Comanche Tribe, Inc (the "Tribe"). It goes without saying that all Northeast members need to be willing to step in as needed for the Tribe's interest. The Tribe leadership continues to work closely as a group, with frequent sharing of communications. Election of Tribe officers are conducted each year, typically concluding at the August fly-in. The Tribe Chief also traditionally serves on the ICS Board of Directors as the Tribe Representative.

Elected Officers


Tribe Chief

·         Provide Tribe leadership

·         Represent Tribe on ICS Board of Directors

·         Attend Fall and Spring ICS Board of Directors meetings, in person or via internet connection

·         Provide “From the Chief” for quarterly "Nor'Easter" newsletter publication

·         Ex officio member of all Tribe committees


Assistant Chief

·         Represent Tribe in Chief's absence except as ICS Tribe Representative

·         Provide leadership role in some Tribe activities

·         Usually serve as Tribe Chief in training



·         Maintain Tribe email listing

·         Distribute Tribe communications in a timely fashion as needed

·         Maintain copies (files) of Tribe documents

·         Serve as an alternate signature on Tribe checkbook



·         Maintain Tribe financial records

·         Deposit / disperse Tribe monies in a timely fashion

·         Update officers on Tribe finances regularly

·         Provide financial information to IRS as required from time to time


ICS Tribe Representative

·         Current practice position is filled by elected Tribe Chief

·         Tribe Representative to the ICS Board of Directors upon notice to the ICS Secretary

·         Act in the interests of the Tribe and the ICS membership at large

·         Cast one vote on any issue brought before the Board

·         Provide updates to Tribe on actions of the Board

Appointed Positions


Fly-In Coordinator

·         Provide schedule of fly-ins for ensuing year (with help)

·         Encourage/ assist members in hosting fly-ins

·         Coordinate details with each host or destination prior to fly-in

·         Communicate any fly-in special details to Tribe through "Nor'Easter" or email notices


Tribe Webmaster

·         Maintain the Tribe website as hosted on

·         Update Tribe web information, such as:

o        Tribe officer contact information

o        Yearly fly-in schedule and descriptions

o        Archive copies of the “Nor’Easter Tribe newsletter

o        From time to time provide feedback on forms such as Election Ballots

o        Post any other information of interest to the Tribe


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 Last updated  01/28/22